George Drabik, MA, NCC, LPC


George Drabic, Associated CounselingGeorge provides a genuine and caring approach to those he counsels. Originally trained as a relationship counselor (Marriage and Family), he has branched out into many areas of counseling and has done extensive work with individuals of all ages, families, couples, as well as groups. George has even worked in specialized areas, diagnosing and treating trauma victims and the immigrant population. 

George holds a master’s degree in Counseling and bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Governors State University.

George brings both a systemic and multigenerational approach to his counseling. This orientation takes into consideration the interactions and relationships with the people in our lives, our prior generations and our environment, including home, community, and the world itself. His goal is to be there with you as you follow the path that helps to mend your life and your relationships.