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3 TED Talks on Happiness

By Associated Counseling | Sep 27, 2017

These TED Talks offer healthy life lessons and refreshing perspectives. Here are 3 this week on the subject of happiness and personal fulfillment. What do find fulfilling about your present lifestyle? What things do you want to improve? What things would you keep the same? Take a moment out of your day to indulge in…

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How To Get Stuff Done When You Are Depressed | Jessica Gimeno

By Associated Counseling | Sep 14, 2017

Jessica Gimeno lives with bipolar disorder and wants to expand the discourse around mental health. It’s not enough to just receive a diagnosis, she says, people have to learn to live with depression and other mental health issues. In her talk, she shares the techniques she’s learned to help her get stuff done while depressed.…

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10 After School Questions

By Associated Counseling | Sep 13, 2017
Associated Counseling Community Resources

  “How was your day?”  is a bland common after school question but it’s easy to turn this routine question into interaction.  Let’s think about the last time someone asked how your day is and what did you reply? Children want to tell you about their day and it’s up to you to nurture that…

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Seasonal Tea Time

By Associated Counseling | Sep 7, 2017

“Life is like a cup of tea…it’s all in how you make it.”   Autumn is upon us.  This time is also known as the season of scented hand sanitizer, tissue, sniffles, and exasperated groans of “I CANNOT be sick right now!”   Here’s Associated Counseling & Wellness Center’s recommended teas to prep, or combat, sniffle season…

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Quote Of The Week #1

By Associated Counseling | Jul 18, 2017

Don’t forget to friend us on our Facebook Page!  Thank you for visiting.  We look forward to a great year of posts ahead.   Please enjoy our Quote Of The Week for our first week!

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