Professional Opportunities

Interested in joining our Associated Counseling team?

Interested in launching or developing your private counseling practice? This is an exciting time to join Associated Counseling & Wellness Centers!

A private counseling practice for most mental health professionals can be an elusive goal. Most practitioners don’t know how to start or where to begin. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence or business knowledge.

Some of the necessary skills needed to engage in what essentially is an entrepreneurial endeavor may be keeping you from going out on your own. Like all business ventures, it is important that you count the cost involved, not just the financial investment, but also the cost in emotions as well as time. You need to ask yourself some questions: Are you a self-starter? Are you able to follow though until resolution? How do you handle paperwork and office administration tasks. Are you comfortable marketing yourself and your skills? Being solely responsible for your business requires that you have good organizational skills as well as assertive qualities that you will need to market yourself and get paid.

At Associated Counseling, we have established an outpatient community-based model of functional psychotherapeutic care through a “clinic without walls.” This model of associating exceptional professionals to work independently in a community as direct service clinicians, as well as outreach workers who provide consultation and education, was developed by Dr. Bruce Kornhaber, and Dr. Mathew Manka the founder’s of Community Counseling and Wellness Centers over 30 years ago.

Under the present tutelage of Dr. Kornhaber, Associated Counseling and Wellness Centers has taken this approach to the next level of utilization by integrating programs and services into the communities we serve. These unique programs and counseling services, known as “Good Stuff,” allow behavioral and health care professionals the opportunity to offer programs and services that are presently not offered to the general public.

Associated Counseling handles every aspect of the business, making it possible for you to focus on your patients and program development. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Office Space to see your clients. You need to locate a place as soon as possible because that will be the address you will put on the applications you fill out to obtain your occupational license, as well as any applications for third party reimbursement. Our multiple locations are growing and offer individual, professional offices for the comfort of your clients.
  • Office Management, including office staff and phone service. We distribute to new clients the Intake Form, Release of Information form, Confidentiality Policy, and Financial Policy and provide them with a patient advocate to insure your relationship with your customer is always quality controlled. Also, we help you build up your practice by answering your calls personally and providing you with a confidential voice mail. Our office makes your appointments for your current and new clients, notifies you of additions or cancellations, secures your financial arrangements with third party payors, and confirms your appointments. Our staff completes an initial evaluation and refers new clients to your practice.
  • Marketing of your practice. Our marketing plan includes promoting the Associated Counseling locations as well as the individual services of the counselors. We are aggressive in building awareness of your services and make a continuous investment in helping you grow your practice. We keep you current on managed care panels and negotiate rates and EAP contracts.

If you have a special population that you have been trained to serve, we will assist you in obtaining provider status on insurance panels. There is a need for clinicians who are bilingual or have a good understanding of a variety of cultures and religions. With the Internet, many potential clients are more savvy consumers. They do their homework and know how to request specific qualities and expertise in their service providers. We present you publicly and showcase your skills in a variety of mediums to help these educated consumers find you.

There are many reasons why you might consider joining a group practice of exemplary professionals designed around a private practice model. They range from personal to financial. If you are motivated by a desire to take your professional life to another level, or work independently with a group of highly acclaimed professionals to collaborate with, a career with Associated Counseling and Wellness Centers is your opportunity. Whatever your motivation, we want to help you achieve your professional goals.

If you are interested in applying for consideration to join Associated Counseling, please contact Tara Fracassi, at (708) 597-0032 today!