Associated Counseling & Wellness Centers Life Counselors

What is a Life Counselor?

Life Counselors are exceptional individuals with extraordinary communication skills. They understand that people who are seeking assistance to improve the condition of their lives are part of family and community systems. Their skills and involvement go beyond the hour in the office. They are like a personal trainer at a Psychological Fitness Center. They develop relationships with integral parts of the community to better serve those to whom they provide care.

Associated Counseling houses only those caregivers with exceptional abilities. These counselors have demonstrated competence and results as behavioral and mental health specialists. Working collaboratively as a team, clients receive the most comprehensive service available to assist them in finding solutions for living well. Each Associated Counseling professional is screened by a Clinical Board, has met exemplary standards, and is recommended by our administrators who support them in private practice. If these standards of care are not met as a typical course of action, those professionals are not continued to be credentialed as an affiliate, and are asked to leave the practice or choose to leave on their own. Therefore, as a client you can trust the quality of care, and be assured that each professional is operating with your best interest as a priority or they will not be sponsored by the Associated Counseling, Life Counseling system of care.

In addition to providing the most exceptionally prepared professionals, all Associated Counseling clients are assigned a Client Representative to assist them in resolving any non clinical issues, such as billing, scheduling and quality of care concerns, should they arise.

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