William Lacy Jr, BA, Life Coach, (MAMFT Candidate)

William Lacy Jr. is a Life Coach with Associated Counseling. In this role, William provides counseling services to meet the needs of all William Lacy, Life Coach at Associated Counselingindividuals, including couples, families, children and adolescents.

William is no stranger to listening to more than one person talk, having been raised in a family with 13 siblings, William has learned the importance of active listening and how it relates to understanding. 

When he’s not a Life Coach at Associated Counseling, William is a full-time case manager at Indian Oaks Academy where he provides counseling services to adolescent youths, ages 14-21 in a residential setting. 

William helps couples learn how to create an emotionally safe environment so that they could be more effective communicating their emotional wants and needs to each other. William offers a wide range of services, from the family genogram diagram, to sand tray therapy for children and adolescents, and the “Think, Feel, & Behavior” model for change.

William is a qualified Life Coach. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Governors State University and he completed 4 years of graduate training in Marriage & Family Counseling also from Governors State University. Currently, William is in the Marriage & Family Therapy program at Northcentral University to where he will become licensed to specialize in working with couples and families.