Clinical Director

Kim Alberts Associated CounselingKim is a Registered Nurse and Counselor, working since 1983 in the areas of addiction, trauma, and mental health. She is a certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse counselor, Addictions Registered Nurse, and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Over the years, Kim has provided counseling services through a wide variety of service sites, including a radio show on National Public Radio called LifeMatters.

She has taught as a college professor, a peer educator and through her work with clients. With a focus on balance, Kim will help you learn to change the way you approach your life. Kim believes that balance in day-to-day life is key; by changing how we view situations, we can change the way we react and cope. This improves our physical and mental health, and the lives of those around us. Kim is accepting of all lifestyles, religious practices, abilities  and believes that diversity and open-mindedness is a necessity in our world.